Arlington 4th Grader Sent Home From School After Sneezing – CBS Boston

UPDATE: Arlington 4th Grader Sent Home For Sneezing Cleared To Return To School Thursday

ARLINGTON (CBS) – A father in Arlington said his nine-year-old son was sent home from Bishop Elementary School because he was sneezing. The fourth grade student was told he could not to return until he gets a negative Covid-19 test.

“I sneezed two times then the teacher told me to go to the nurse,” said Lancinet Keita.

Lancinet says he felt fine, but those sneezes sent him to the nurse’s office where he had to wait for his dad to pick him up.

“I was thinking I didn’t have anything just a couple sneezes,” Lancinet said.

Lancinet Keita (WBZ-TV)

Thierno Keita says he got a call from the school nurse Tuesday morning that caught him by surprise.

“I’ve been so upset about it,” Thierno Keita said. “I’m so upset about sending my kid home.”

Keita said his son was OK when he left for school and also had no symptoms when he picked him up. Now he says his son needs to take a Covid-19 test to be allowed back.

“He don’t have any symptoms no one and he’s OK,” Thierno said. “And I checked his temperature everything was perfect. His temperature was OK. It’s OK.”

Thierno even took his son’s temperature in front of the WBZ camera to show he doesn’t have a fever.


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