Stimulus check eligibility: How the requirements may change with a new relief package


The final proposal for requirements to get a second stimulus check is coming into focus.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Could you qualify for another stimulus check in 2020? That answer depends on so many things: including if the president’s collection of executive actions over the weekend hasn’t derailed negotiations and talks resume, if another stimulus package passes as a result, if you qualified for the first stimulus check and the requirements don’t change much, or if they do change and you happen to fall into the right category.

Both sides of the aisle have expressed interest in picking the talks back up and a new stimulus payment is expected to be part of the discussion. “We’ve agreed on more direct payments, like we sent last time,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Monday.

Here’s what we know about who would become eligible to receive a payment under each plan. Keep reading to see if you might meet the qualifications that are likely to be set in a final bill, if one is passed. This story updates often with new information.

Who could get…

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