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In my last article, I talked about why we should save, today we will be looking at some techniques we can adopt in order to make saving money easier for us.

As I said before, the first step to saving money is having the mindset that you have to save.

Don’t think of saving money as a means to an end, think of it as a regular habit like brushing your teeth.

Once you create this mindset, the next thing to do is to Create a Budget for yourself and your spendings.

Creating a budget is definitely not the most exciting activity to do, but it is vital in order to keep your spendings in check and your life in order.


Follow these steps to create a budget for yourself and watch your life turn around for better:

    Write down all your income: Most of us have more than one source of income, in fact if you are live in Nigeria and you don’t have at least two sources of income , you are on a long thing because “one road no enter market for Naija”. Moving on, Identify all your sources of income in a book and write the average amount you earn in front of each of them.
    Write out all your Expenditures: When writing out your expenditures , segment them into weekly and monthly. Further divide each segment into Fixed or Variable Expenditures. • Fixed Expenditures are expenses that stays relatively the same price every month , E.g: Your house rent. •Variable Expenditures are expenses that will change from time to time, E.g: Eating out, Buying of Fuel e.t.c
    After writing all these out, make a total of all the Income and Expenditures and note it down. If your Income is higher than your Expenditures then you are on a good track all you have to do now is create a savings plan, but if your Expenditures is higher than your income it means there is a problem with your spendings, now you have to sit down and critically look at the expenses you need to cut down on. For instance, since eating out always costs more, why not stock up your house with food stuffs and try to create time to cook (Stop being unnecessarily lazy).
    Review your budget monthly to make sure you’re still staying on track .

Until you sit down to write out and understand how you spend the income you receive, you will be shocked at how fast l your money will keep disappearing and you will continue to blame it on your village people.

Let me share a personal story with you, there was a time I was addicted to soft drinks, I couldn’t go a day without taking at least 2 bottles of soft drinks, a bottle of soft drink costs N100 that means I was spending an average of N1400 on it weekly, not only was I damaging my health, I was also damaging my financial life.

You might claim that N1,400 is not too much to spend in a week on soft drinks, but multiply it by a month, that’s N5,600, and in a year you have spent an average of N67,200 on soft drinks (you’re not even a share holder in their company), now consider the detriment it does to one’s health.

After Creating your budget and determining if you have a Surplus or Deficit, what’s the next step?

The next step is create a SAVING PLAN.


A savings plan can be said to be a form of investment in which an individual contributes money to a particular channel in order to reach a financial goal either short term or long term.

In order to maintain a good savings plan, make your savings a routinized one, you can decide to save daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly e.t.c.

Always focus on saving the amount you want to save at that moment not next year or next month. It would help you stick to your plan regardless of what is happening.

There are a lot of apps today that can help with maintaining commitment to your savings plan, you can search the internet for some of them.

With these apps, you can pledge to always save a particular amount of money at a particular period of time and you get at least 10% interest on your money per annum

There is also an option for automated savings, this means the app automatically deducts the money you want to same from your bank account on the set date and you cannot withdraw the money until the withdrawal day you set on the app.

Personally I use one of these apps, the app I use also allows for group savings, although each individual is the only one who has access to their money.

The beauty of group savings is that you will be motivated to save, when you see the progress others are making with their savings, nobody will have to tell you before you start taking yours serious.

(P.S if you would like to join my savings group you can reach out to me on WhatsApp via

Moving on, if you can stick religiously to your savings plan for at least the first 3 months, there is a huge possibility of you saving till the end of the year and beyond.

Guess what, not only will your bank account be smiling at you in the end, you will also smile back at it with your 32 teeths in full display.

In my next article I’ll be talking about some things that can hinder us from saving or achieving our saving goals and how to handle or avoid them.

Till then I will leave you with this quote from Thomas T. Munger:

The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind.

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Stay tuned for my next article.

Thank you.

Written by Irabor Peace “Poria”


I am a Lover of Life, I create captivating and Eye-Catching content, I preach humanity and I love to help people become better versions of themselves. Feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media platforms.


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