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The bitter truth is that, there would always be obstacles that would chain you down and obstruct you from achieving your financial goals, but your job is to break the chain and obstruct them in return.

When an obstacle in the road appears, this usually means you take a detour or maneuver around it to get back on the right path even if it means getting stuck in traffic for a while.

Financial roadblocks are sometimes a bit more difficult to navigate.

It could be obstacles you’ve created for yourself, the ones created by unforeseen circumstances or the ones others created for you. The key to overcoming financial obstacles is to first identify them. Once you’ve done this, you can make a plan to break free from them.

In this article we would be identifying these obstacles and learning how to navigate around them in order to obtain the financial freedom we all desire.


1) Lack of financial literacy

2) Not keeping track of budget

3) Billing from family and friends

4) Owing too much debt

5) Unforeseen circumstances

6) Refusing to cut back on spontaneous and

unnecessary spending

7) Making excuses

Check out how these following factors acts as roadblocks to achieving your financial goals


An obstacle is not always something that stands in the way of achieving a goal, it could also manifest as the absence of something, like a lack of financial knowledge.

Financial literacy can be translated as being knowledgeable about how finances work.

Insufficient financial know-how can make it hard to save money, especially when you don’t know where to begin, how much to save, or even what saving money entails.

You need to have an in-depth knowledge about money management in order for you to save money.

This is exactly why I decided to write “The financial freedom series”.

I realized that a lot of people lack financial literacy and that’s one of the reasons why their financial like either remains stagnant or keeps going backwards.


A budget is the bedrock of your personal finances. Without a budget, your money may be standing on shaky ground.

Why? A budget helps you see how much money is coming in and going out.

Remember I talked about how to create a budget in my last article, you can check it out Here in case you missed it.

But it’s not enough to create a budget, you need to review and keep track of it from time to time in order to determine if you’re still on still on track or if you’re derailing.


You’re bound to always have family and friends call you to either lend them or dash them money, especially as Africans with our “entitlement mentality”.

The first rule is to learn how to Say No to these people when need be. If your lending or dashing them money will cause a dent to your budget, you need to say No.

In anything you are do in life, you need to realize that you come first because most of these your family and friends won’t bat an eye lid when you’re also in need, so why help them at the detriment of your own life goals.

Let’s assume you have enough to save and you want to lend them out of the left over, lend them the money you can let go of, just zero your mind on the fact that they might not return the money to you.

I had to learn this the hard way myself.


There would always be expenses you didn’t budget for, but you need to attend to, this is why you should have an emergency fund locked away somewhere just for when these emergencies occur.

Having an emergency fund will even save you the stress of taking loans and thinking about paying back the loan which usually comes with an interest.


Sometimes owing debt is inevitable because you might have to take a loan for an urgent Business or an health issue which your savings or emergency fund can’t cover, so what do you do when faced with this situation?

And the bigger question is, “should you save while paying off your debt?”

Think of it this way, If you save first and don’t focus on paying up your debt, you will pay more money over time in interest charges which would mean incurring more debts, so the best thing for you to do is focus on how to pay up your debts as fast as possible so that you can resume saving back .

If you want to pay off your debts fast, you should consider doing the following things:

(A) Know and Note down Who and How Much You Owe

(B) Pay your debts on time each month, do not derail!

(C) Pay off the most expensive debt first.

(D) Stick to your spending budget or cut it down more if possible.


One of the reasons why you create a budget is to determine your unnecessary and spontaneous spending so that you can cut back on them, but more often than not after finding out what you have to do, you end not doing them, not because you can’t do them but simply because you choose not to

It’s one thing to be hooked up with expenses that make it hard to save. It’s another thing to spend your money on unnecessary and spontaneous purchases.

If you are not willing to cut costs to boost your savings, you will likely fail to see consistent growth in your savings.


This is very peculiar to most humans. We all like to come up with excuses as to why something cannot work instead of actually finding ways to make it work.

Excuses are invented reasons we create to defend our behavior, to postpone taking action or simply as a means of neglecting responsibility.

But guess what Jordan Belfort said,

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it”

Sit back and read that quote again, then determine your next move.

Watch out for my next article, but till then I’ll leave you with this quote from Francis Shenstone,

“It’s not how much you make each month that matters, it’s how much you save along with the flexibility and time outside work that you have”

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Written by Irabor Peace “Poria”

I am a Lover of Life, I create captivating and Eye-Catching content, I preach humanity and I love to help people become better versions of themselves. Feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media platforms.


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